Democrats Panic as Biden’s Cognitive Struggles Dominate 2024 Election Talks

Joe Biden’s cognitive fitness is dominating discussion as the 2024 election looms, and Democrats find themselves in quite the bind. Their June 27 debate was nothing short of a debacle, with Biden stumbling through it like a lost tourist. Despite almost two weeks of R&R following two lightweight overseas excursions, Biden seemed as spry as a tired old mule, and got thoroughly thrashed by the ever-vigorous Donald Trump. Adding to the spectacle, top Democrats and bigwig donors are panicking, desperately plotting to yank Biden off the ticket. Yet, the man himself remains stubbornly glued to his spot. In a wildly entertaining turn of events, the Huffington Post published an opinion piece proposing a ludicrous solution: AI-enhanced Biden.

If Biden’s debate performance wasn’t already fodder for comedians, the suggestion of using artificial intelligence to make him sound younger takes the cake. It’s like the Democrats are tacitly admitting that Biden’s declining faculties are beyond repair. The liberal rag essentially pitched a high-tech facelift for Biden’s speech patterns, suggesting the President should deploy AI-created versions of his oratory skills to fool voters. Now, who thought deepfakes were only for shady internet scams?

The Democrats’ desperation reeks like a three-day-old fish. With Trump gearing up to bulldoze the liberal agenda, the future of American democracy is indeed hanging in the balance—for all the wrong reasons if you ask the left. Biden’s campaign has become an all-you-can-watch circus, with the star performer barely remembering his lines. The silver bullet, according to some starry-eyed leftists, is to swap out the man for his AI doppelganger. They argue that AI could smooth out Biden’s stutters and wipe away signs of his advanced age while allowing his campaign to pitch their so-called achievements without the old man tripping over his words.

Some brave souls dare to call this out for what it is: a deceitful ploy that cloaks Biden’s glaring inadequacies. Yet, these Einsteins defending it claim that it would counter the rampant misinformation. The irony is lost on no one. Imagine, in a world where leftist media has no problem cropping videos to make Biden look like he’s lost his marbles, the grand solution is to manufacture fake videos of him to seem coherent. Who needs honesty when AI can patch together a passable President? 


One can only stand back in awe at the sheer nerve involved in this plan. The flagrant hypocrisy here is monumental. While the left screams about misinformation, their answer is to double down with their own brand of high-tech deception. If Biden is so frail that he can’t handle debates, maybe he shouldn’t be on the stage at all. The Democrats’ farcical approach underscores a simple truth: they might as well have elected a hologram.

America’s enemies must be laughing all the way to the Kremlin. Fake it till you make it, they say. Well, if Democrats had their way, they’d take this adage to the Oval Office with Biden’s AI-enhanced avatar at the helm. Someone please tell the Democrats there are laws against running a fake president. Meanwhile, as they scramble for a technical quick-fix, the reality is they’re battling something far more stubborn: Joe Biden’s inescapable age and waning capacity.


Written by Staff Reports

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