Democrats Revive Abortion Debate Amid Party Turmoil and Biden’s Uncertain Future

Senate Democrats are once again trying to distract the American public from the internal chaos surrounding President Joe Biden’s uncertain political future by trotting out the contentious topic of abortion. With Biden’s mental and physical viability as a candidate being questionable at best, it seems the Democrats believe that stoking the flames of the abortion debate might save them from their own fracturing party lines.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that Democrats intend to resurface the abortion topic in full force, putting pressure on every member of the Senate to support what they claim is a fundamental right. In a typical display of Democratic overreach, three separate bills were pushed forward to broaden abortion access in the post-Roe era. Unsurprisingly, these proposals were promptly blocked by Republican senators who still have common sense.

Wednesday will see Democrats making an ill-fated attempt to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law. Despite their relentless efforts, such votes are predictably headed for failure, much like their previous attempts to pass reproductive health bills on contraception and in vitro fertilization. It’s almost as if Democrats believe that recycling the same failed strategies will produce a different outcome. They must think the American public is as forgetful as they hope.

The Democrats’ latest bills aim to dramatize their differences with Republicans ahead of the November midterms. However, this thinly-veiled tactic comes amidst their own party’s turmoil questioning Biden’s readiness for another term. Looming doubts about Biden’s cognitive and physical capabilities to campaign against Trump and serve a second term—especially one that would stretch until he is 86 years old—are eroding support from within their ranks.

A trio of Senate Democrats proposed measures to safeguard interstate travel for abortion, protect doctors from legal ramifications, and train more healthcare professionals in performing abortions. These propositions were immediately shot down by Republican senators who cited illegal taxpayer funding of abortions and the spectre of unrestricted “abortion on demand.” Republicans are standing their ground, emphasizing their commitment to protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans, including the unborn.

So, while the Democrats scramble to patch up their sinking ship with headline-grabbing legislation, Americans can see through their desperate moves. We’re witnessing a party in disarray, clinging to divisive issues in the hope of staying afloat through the November elections. However, no amount of smoke, mirrors, or fiery rhetoric can hide the cracks in their foundation.

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