Democrats Scramble After Biden Debate Meltdown Critics Say Ship Is Sinking Fast

Looks like the Democrats are busy trying to plug all the holes in their sinking ship after Joe Biden’s trainwreck of a performance in the recent debate against Donald Trump. Some Democratic lawmakers are whispering about the wild idea of replacing Biden on the ticket, but let’s face it, those dreams are as likely as Hillary becoming likable. They’re stuck with him unless someone wants to indulge in a kamikaze mission at the Democratic National Convention. But Biden’s got the delegates locked up, and any mutiny talk is merely the stuff of political fan fiction. Even the Democrats know they’re stuck with the guy that three-fourths of the nation thinks has lost his marbles.

The Biden campaign has been running around like headless chickens, trying to keep the Democratic base and major donors from completely losing it. It’s been a clown show. Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, and DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison held a call with some of the top Democratic Party members. This group has more influence than a Hollywood star at a climate change protest. They chose to sweep Biden’s disastrous debate performance and the tidal wave of criticism under the rug, presumably a rug big enough to hide Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Reports indicate that several committee members felt like they were being gaslighted in a way only politicians can manage. They were asked to keep tooting their horns and act like everything was fine, even as the Titanic of their party was clearly taking on water. No questions were allowed, which makes one wonder if this was a strategy session or an infomercial for rose-colored glasses.

In another episode of this tragicomedy, the Biden campaign held a tense call with about 40 top donors. One would think these donors might be somewhat reassured, but Chavez Rodriguez merely discussed what might happen if Biden steps aside – the campaign war chest going to Kamala Harris, which is like handing the wheel of a sinking ship over to the first mate. Some of these high-rollers were so rattled they reportedly asked for refunds on their donations, which, in political terms, is like asking for your pizza money back because the toppings were awful.

Even as Biden’s advisers tried to put a happy face on this mess, boasting about raising $33 million since the debate and getting new applications from individuals eager to join the campaign, the feeling of panic was palpable. Senator Chris Coons made a desperate attempt to argue that Biden’s stumble was just a one-off. Unfortunately for Coons, convincing people that a 78-year-old president’s brain fart was just “a bad night” is as tough as selling New York real estate during a blizzard.

All signs point to another chaotic call expected from Jen O’Malley Dillon, the chair of the Biden campaign. If the recurring pattern holds, it will be another round of no-questions-allowed pep talks, more people wanting their money back, and general disorder. In other words, the Democrats are proving yet again that they couldn’t organize a sandwich at a deli when it comes to crisis management.

Written by Staff Reports

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