Democrats Scramble as Harris Touted to Replace Struggling Biden

The Democrats are in full-on panic mode after President Joe Biden’s latest debate disaster, prompting whispers of Vice President Kamala Harris stepping up as the 2024 candidate. But hold your horses, this is the same Kamala Harris who’s been complicit in covering up Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. If the Democrats think switching out Biden for Harris will save the day, they’re gravely mistaken.

Republicans aren’t wasting any time getting the knives out for Harris. They’re nailing her for enabling Biden’s charade for years, pointing to the momentous $240 million war chest that could be more easily transferred to her campaign. The GOP insists that everyone from Jill Biden to top Democrats knew about Biden’s frail mental state but chose to hide it from the American people. And now, after Joe’s latest fumble in the debate ring, they can no longer keep up the facade.


As the Dems stress about finding their new champion, it seems Harris, with her dismal approval ratings, is their best bet. She’s only rising through the ranks because it’s convenient, not because she’s a crowd favorite. Meanwhile, Republicans are hammering the message that Democrats are just enabling Biden’s incompetence, with the added risk of turning the country over to a “Cackling Copilot” who has already shown her inability to handle critical issues—anyone remember her disastrous handling of immigration?

Some Republicans are taking their grievances to the next level. Rep Chip Roy from Texas is talking about potential impeachment for Harris over her dodgy defenses of Biden’s mental acuity. Congressional investigations may be on the horizon to expose just how long the Democratic cabal knew about Biden’s deteriorating mental state but chose to keep the American public in the dark.

Democratic leaders are trying to circle the wagons around Biden, but even their support seems tepid. In fact, some are starting to push Harris as their backup plan. Sure, she’s got the name recognition and the shallow appeal of being the first female Vice President of color. But even within her party, there are serious doubts. Advisors and strategists worry she’s more of a liability than an asset. The polls are a nightmare scenario for Democrats, showing both Biden and Harris trailing behind Trump.

Kamala Harris’s vice-presidency track record is a goldmine for Republican attacks. Her stances on gun control and immigration have proven unpopular, and her overall performance has been lackluster at best. This isn’t the leadership the country needs, and Republicans are making sure everyone knows it. Trying to pass Harris off as the heir apparent while ignoring her abysmal approval ratings is a comedy of errors the Democrats can ill afford right now.

In the end, if the Democrats think swapping out a floundering Biden for a floundering Harris will change their political fortunes, they’re in for a rude awakening. America’s eyes have been opened to the Democratic cover-up machine, and voters won’t be so easily fooled this time around. A switcheroo at the top won’t save them from the consequences of their failed policies and deceitful tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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