Democrats Stunned as Caucus Meeting Turns Dreary Over Biden’s Chances

Democrats must’ve brought tissues to their latest gut-wrenching House Democratic Caucus meeting in Washington. The mood was reportedly so dreary, insiders compared it to a funeral, a grim reflection of President Joe Biden’s dwindling chances in the upcoming presidential election. After Biden’s dismal performance in his debate against the ever-popular Donald Trump, the Democrats had their first closed-door caucus since June 27, and boy, was it a sob story.

Exiting politicians, with their heads hanging low, spilled little bits of details to reporters. Apparently, optimism wasn’t on the agenda. Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News highlighted how one pro-Biden Democrat lamented that the meeting “felt like a funeral,” which doesn’t exactly scream confidence for old Joe. He mentioned there’s no consensus on Biden, with oodles of chatter about the tough spot the Dems find themselves in.

Adding to Biden’s woes, Sherman noted that Rep. Mark Takano drew attention to unflattering polls from his California district. Even places Biden once carried with ease seem to be slipping through his frail fingers. If Biden can’t hold California, one has to wonder, does he stand a chance anywhere else? 


And if some Democrats were hoping for a white knight in Kamala Harris, they might want to think again. Even she, with all the campaign infrastructure and funds in the world, isn’t likely to bolster confidence. Harris’s lackluster support within the party is the cherry on top of a melting sundae for the floundering Democrats.

Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois didn’t hold back either. Emerging from the caucus meeting, he voiced his concern about Biden dragging the ticket down and mentioned he doesn’t think Biden should stay in the race. He’s even sworn to secrecy about who else shares his views, which likely means these sentiments are circulating among more than just a few.

Democrats now face a nightmare scenario: stick with a frail, unpopular Biden or throw everything into chaos by choosing another candidate on the fly. Either way, the clock is ticking, and they have to figure out a way to beat Trump. Good luck, Dems. You’ll need it, and a whole lot more.

Written by Staff Reports

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