Dems Hijack AVR Systems: Non-Citizens Flood Voter Rolls!

Folks, the Democrats are at it again! They simply cannot resist the urge to add non-citizens to their voter registers. It appears that every day they devise a new plan to undermine our democracy. This time, non-citizens will be registered to vote through Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) systems. How could you trust it?

Consider Massachusetts as an example. The state has been expanding voting rights for years and has no intention of ceasing. Even undocumented immigrants are being issued driver's licenses. Yes, people, unlawful immigrants. Moreover, guess what? These non-citizens are automatically registered to vote using the same AVR system. It's ridiculous!

Former Governor Charlie Baker had the sense to veto this insanity, whereas current Governor Healey has lost contact with reality. In actuality, she is allocating $28 million to implement this law. Can you imagine? That's $28 million in taxpayer funds spent on voter registration for noncitizens. It's ludicrous!

Not just Massachusetts, either. These AVR systems are proliferating across the nation. The District of Columbia and 22 states have adopted them. They add eligible electors to the registers when they interact with state agencies such as the department of motor vehicles. The clincher, however, is that some of these systems employ a "back-end opt-out" mechanism. That means they presume you want to be registered to vote and do not even ask if you do. And if you do not respond to a letter within a few weeks, you will be added to the voter records automatically. Talk about deceitful!

Critics of AVR are justified in their concern regarding this "back-end opt-out" method. It is a foolproof method for registering noncitizens. By isolating voter registration from the initial application, these systems open the floodgates to electoral fraud. We must prioritize the integrity of our voting system and ensure that only eligible electors are involved. It only makes sense!

We cannot allow the Democrats to get away with this, folks. We must fight back and demand that our elected officials prioritize election integrity. Our democracy requires it. In our local, state, and national elections, only citizens should be permitted to vote. No longer permit the Democrats to exploit our voter registration systems. It is time to rise up!

Written by Staff Reports

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