Dems Terrified: 78% Want Trump Banned from 2024 Ballot!

A recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports has revealed a shocking truth: a whopping 78% of Democrats actually want to remove former President Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot. Can you believe it? These Democrats are so afraid of facing Trump in another election that they’re willing to go to extreme lengths to keep him off the ballot. Talk about a lack of confidence in their own party!

But here’s the kicker: only 19% of Democrats opposed this idea. That means the vast majority of Democrats out there are perfectly fine with trampling on our democratic principles and silencing the voice of millions of Americans who support Trump. It’s truly terrifying to think about what this means for the future of our country.

And it’s not just Democrats who are in on this scheme. Rasmussen Reports also found that 47% of likely voters overall are in favor of removing Trump from the ballot. That’s nearly half the country! Have we lost our minds? Are we really so afraid of a fair and open election that we’re willing to strip a former president of his right to run? This is a dangerous precedent to set, my friends.

The survey also asked voters about their opinions on the January 6th Capitol protests. Shockingly, 48% of respondents believed that these protests were an “insurrection that attempted to overthrow the government.” This is pure madness! While there were certainly individuals who acted inappropriately that day, to label the entire protest as an insurrection is nothing short of a partisan talking point. It’s a clear attempt to demonize Trump and his supporters and silence their voices.

These efforts to remove Trump from the ballot are not only unconstitutional, but they also set a dangerous precedent for future elections. If we allow this to happen now, what’s to stop the Democrats from doing the same to any other Republican candidate they deem a threat? Our democracy depends on fair and open elections, where the people have the power to choose their leaders. We cannot let fear and partisan politics dictate the outcome of our elections.

It’s clear that the Democrats are scared. They know that Trump remains a powerful force in American politics, and they will stop at nothing to try and keep him off the ballot. But we, the American people, cannot let them succeed. We must defend our democratic principles and fight against any attempts to silence the voices of millions of Americans. The stakes are high, my friends. Let’s stand together and protect the integrity of our elections.

Written by Staff Reports

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