Dems Threaten Israel Aid: Hawley Fights Back on Gaza, Ukraine

In a recent press conference, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri had some choice words about President Joe Biden’s massive foreign aid package, which clocks in at over $100 billion. This package includes assistance for several countries, including Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and other places that seem to be hot topics in the political arena. As a true red-blooded conservative, Hawley believes that Israel deserves its own standalone bill, separate from the rest of the package. “I don’t think we need to hold up Israeli aid. I mean, let’s get that done,” he declared, his voice dripping with sarcasm. But it seems the senator draws the line at the mention of Gaza, exclaiming, “Absolutely not!”

Hawley’s comments reflect the sentiment of many Republican lawmakers who argue that the president’s foreign aid package is excessive and unfocused. While they may understand the importance of assisting key allies like Israel, the inclusion of countries like Ukraine, Taiwan, and even Gaza raises eyebrows. It’s no secret that these places have been mired in political turmoil and conflict, with their fair share of challenges. With that in mind, the senator is urging his fellow lawmakers to prioritize aid for Israel and put the rest of Biden’s wishlist on the backburner.

Of course, it’s a classic move for politicians to play hardball with foreign aid. But Hawley’s stance is as straightforward as they come. He has zero interest in debating the merits of providing assistance to other countries at this juncture, especially when it comes to Gaza. This unwavering position sets him apart from those who may be more inclined to compromise or consider the larger scope of international relations. To him, aid for Israel is not up for discussion—it’s a no-brainer. Perhaps it’s time for other lawmakers to take a page out of Hawley’s unapologetically partisan playbook.

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