Dems’ “Truth Squad” Targets Biden Family in Accountability Crusade

Rep. Jamie Raskin (R-MD) proudly declared on MSNBC’s The Weekend Sunday that his fellow Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, whom he affectionately refers to as “the Truth Squad,” are doing a bang-up job holding President Biden and his son, Hunter, accountable. The committee, led by Raskin himself, has been knee-deep in scrutinizing the alleged wrongdoings of the Biden family, particularly with regards to Hunter Biden and his business dealings.

Raskin boasted about the outstanding work of his “Truth Squad,” emphasizing their tireless dedication to unveiling the truth about the Bidens and making it understandable for the American people. The Democratic members he commended included firebrand representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, and Rashida Tlaib, known collectively as the notorious “Squad” members in Congress. These outspoken members have been vocal advocates for holding the Biden administration accountable for their actions.

The committee is presently mulling over a resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for snubbing two subpoenas. However, Hunter Biden’s legal team has assured that he will cooperate if presented with a third subpoena, which has sparked comparisons to the previous subpoenas related to the January 6 riot at the Capitol. Several Trump administration officials, including Steve Bannon, faced the heat for contempt of Congress when they failed to comply with the House Select Committee’s subpoenas, and it looks like the same standard is being applied to Hunter Biden.

It’s clear that the “Truth Squad” led by Rep. Raskin is on a mission to hold the Biden family accountable and is determined to get to the bottom of the allegations against them, no matter what it takes. Their commitment to transparency and justice sets a shining example for all Americans as they strive to ensure that no one, not even the President’s son, is above the law.

Written by Staff Reports

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