Des Moines Dissent? GOP Hopefuls Fear Trump’s Shadow!

The liberal media is at it again, pushing their anti-Trump narrative and trying to paint a picture of division within the Republican party. The mainstream media’s latest attempt to sow discord among Republicans comes from a recent article out of Des Moines, Iowa. According to the article, some Republican candidates in the Iowa caucus have been subtly, or not-so-subtly, taking shots at the incomparable former President Donald J. Trump.

First up, we have Governor Ron DeSantis of the great state of Florida. Governor DeSantis has been not-so-subtly highlighting the differences in policy between himself and the former president. He even went so far as to vow to defund the United Nations, a move that resonates with many conservatives who are fed up with globalist institutions. DeSantis also called out Trump for not following through on his promises. Now, let’s be real here, folks. We all know that President Trump did more in four years than most politicians do in a lifetime! So, for DeSantis to suggest otherwise is just plain ridiculous.

Next, we have former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Haley has been more direct in her criticism of President Trump, even going as far as to say that “chaos follows him.” Well, excuse us, Ambassador Haley, but the only chaos we see is the chaos caused by the Democrats and their radical agenda! Haley has also been touting her electability against President Joe Biden, but let’s not forget who was actually able to stand up to China, secure the border, and bring back jobs to America – that’s right, President Trump!

And finally, we have entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who has recently joined in on the Trump bashing. Ramaswamy called the former president “wounded” and implied that he wouldn’t be able to win a general election. Well, we beg to differ! President Trump has always been a fighter, and we have no doubt that he could triumph once again if given the chance.

Now, folks, we know that the liberal media loves to push their anti-Trump agenda, but don’t be fooled! The fact is, President Trump has been and continues to be the leader that America needs. As for these other candidates, well, let’s just say they’re no match for the MAGA movement! So, Iowa voters, when it comes time to caucus, just remember who has always put America first – the one and only President Donald J. Trump! #MAGA #Trump2024

Written by Staff Reports

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