DeSantis’ “No Excuses” Plan Tackles Border Crisis, Crushes Cartels in 2024!

Florida Governor and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has come up with a master plan that he calls “No Excuses” to address the ongoing border crisis and Mexican drug cartels. DeSantis has taken various steps as Florida’s governor to address the issue by deploying the National Guard, sending state resources to the US-Mexico border to assist Texas authorities and willing to reprocess and send migrants to sanctuary cities.

In a statement, DeSantis remarked that the catastrophe at the US-Mexico border was a result of President Biden’s incompetence and disregard for his duties. The Biden administration has been a key part of an illegal transnational human smuggling syndicate for a long time. Nevertheless, as president in 2024, DeSantis would declare a national emergency on his first day in office, build a wall, shut down illegal entry, and win the war against drug cartels.

The proposed policies by DeSantis include measures such as ending catch-and-release, imposing “Remain in Mexico” policies, increasing Border Patrol pay, closing the Flores loophole, taxing remittances from illegal aliens, using military intelligence to back up the border patrol, and allowing ICE enforcement and removal operations by focused criminal records.

DeSantis has promised to stop illegal crossings by halting the Biden administration’s funding of non-governmental organizations involved in illegal alien processing, human smuggling, and mass migration. Furthermore, as president, he would uphold Article I authority and use the military to defend states against invasion.

DeSantis, who is presently on a Southern border tour, has come up with a guaranteed strategy that will solve the ongoing crisis. As a conservative Republican, he remains committed to the safety of Americans and prioritizing the country’s well-being over partisan politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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