Descendent of Slaves Exposes Kamala Harris’ Shameless Deceit

Vice President Kamala Harris recently made a trip to Florida where she made false claims about the state’s new curriculum on African-American history. She specifically accused the curriculum of painting slavery as “beneficial.” However, it seems that Harris cherry-picked a single sentence out of context to serve her own political agenda. In fact, Dr. William Allen, who helped write the curriculum and is a descendant of slaves, spoke out against Harris’ misrepresentation. He explained that his great grandfather, who was enslaved, derived benefits from his resourcefulness and that changing the language of the curriculum would be denying the contributions made by enslaved individuals like his great grandfather.

Not only did Dr. Allen refute Harris’ claims, but the broader working group of curriculum writers also released a statement denying any misinformation. They explained that every aspect of the curriculum was thoroughly developed by the workgroup, which consisted of experts like Dr. Allen and Dr. Frances Presley Rice. The group’s statement defended the intention behind the controversial benchmark clarification in the curriculum. They asserted that the intention was to highlight how some slaves developed specialized skills that proved beneficial to them. Examples were provided, such as blacksmiths, shoemakers, fishing and shipping industry workers, tailors, and teachers. These examples illustrate how slaves were able to use their skills to benefit themselves and the African descendant community.

In the end, the curriculum writers expressed disappointment but not surprise at how their months of hard work were reduced to a few isolated expressions taken out of context by critics like Harris. They encouraged everyone to review the comprehensive and rigorous standards for themselves, highlighting that these standards provide a thorough education on African American history. It is clear that Harris’ claims were unfounded and that the curriculum aims to recognize the strength, courage, and resilience of slaves, rather than reducing them to mere victims of oppression.

Written by Staff Reports

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