DOJ Thwarts Weiss, Shields Hunter Biden from Full Prosecution!

A recent revelation has surfaced regarding Hunter Biden's legal issues, which has incited strong disapproval from conservatives. In a closed-door interview with House investigators, David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware and the special counsel assigned to investigate Hunter Biden on suspicions of tax fraud and gun crimes, disclosed that the Justice Department DENIED him the special attorney authority he so desperately sought.

Republican lawmakers and President Trump supporters are extremely alarmed by the denial of this vital authority, which would have granted Weiss increased jurisdiction in his inquiry. They perceive this as a flagrant effort to obstruct the scientific inquiry. Notwithstanding his denial, Weiss maintained his resolve and conveyed his conviction that, should he so choose, he would ultimately be bestowed with the authority to advance the prosecution of Hunter Biden.

However, that is not all, people. It becomes even more juicy! The Justice Department directed Weiss to establish collaborative relationships with U.S. attorney offices in the districts where he intended to bring Hunter Biden to justice. Seems rational, does it not? Prepare yourselves for a thickening of the narrative. Upon approaching two U.S. attorney offices for collaboration, Weiss was categorically denied by U.S. Attorney Martin Estrada and U.S. Attorney Matt Graves, both based in Washington, D.C.

Surprisingly, that is not the end of it. Weiss elected not to pursue the prosecution of Hunter Biden in these two districts, thereby potentially enabling the president's son to evade legal consequences for neglecting to file taxes on income exceeding $1 million derived from Burisma Holdings, by allowing the statute of limitations to expire. You did indeed read that correctly. The same Burisma organization that Joe Biden, then-vice president of the United States, implicated in the Ukraine scandal. An instance of an opportunity lost!

Then, just when we thought things could not get any more shocking, Attorney General Merrick Garland was compelled to promote Weiss to special counsel in August after a plea bargain over the firearms charges and tax fraud collapsed in court. In September, Weiss filed charges against Hunter Biden on three criminal counts pertaining to his acquisition of a handgun during a period of substance addiction. Unsurprisingly, the son of the president entered a not-guilty plea to the gun allegations.

Currently, the most pressing inquiry is regarding the tax fraud investigation's current status and whether or not Weiss will muster the fortitude to indict Hunter Biden in relation to the issue. Regrettably, the walls are perceptive, and Mr. Weiss has elected to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the investigation's progression.

Those present are in for a wild ride, and with the Hunter Biden saga continuing to develop, we can only observe the political soap opera's pyrotechnics. Anticipate further piquant updates shortly.

Written by Staff Reports

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