Donald Trump Slams Georgia Juror’s “Illegal Media Tour”

In a recent post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump shared his views on the ongoing controversy surrounding the Georgia investigation into his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. Trump criticized the grand jury foreperson, Emily Kohrs, as being “out of control” for conducting a “Media Tour” during the investigation, which he believes was illegal and unprecedented. Additionally, Trump cited a similar case in New York where a Democrat Prosecutor wrote and released a book during the investigation, which he sees as a product of “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME” and prosecutorial misconduct.

Mainstream media personalities, including CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Elie Honig, have expressed shock and criticism over Kohrs’ media tour. Cooper expressed confusion as to why Kohrs was appearing on television, while Honig labeled it a “horrible idea” that could potentially infuriate prosecutors. Honig further elaborated that this could pose a significant problem for prosecutors since Kohrs was discussing specific witnesses that the grand jury saw and their views on them.

Trump’s legal team released a statement in reaction to Kohrs’ media appearances, highlighting the “deeply flawed process” that has been ongoing for the past seven months. The statement remarked that Kohrs’ revelations shed light on the lack of seriousness and respect for the process, which was “truly shocking to the legal conscience.” Trump’s attorneys also emphasized that any conclusions drawn from this investigation lacked analytical, trustworthy, or credible support.

Donald Trump has been vocal about his views on the Georgia investigation and its latest developments. He maintains that the case is now dead but reiterates that he did nothing wrong. Trump’s legal team has also expressed their stance on the matter, claiming that the process was deeply flawed and that any conclusions drawn lacked analytical, trustworthy, or credible support. Kohrs’ media tour has garnered criticism from mainstream media personalities, as it could pose a significant challenge for prosecutors. The outcome of this situation in the upcoming weeks is yet to be determined.

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