EPIC DeSantis Speech Gives America The Blueprint For Restoring Freedom

In a scathing address, Ron Desantis set out a road map for the rest of the nation to follow while taking aim at the ruling class' elites and describing what it takes to run a free society.

Desantis gave a speech outlining the foundations of how the GOP may go on to win future elections.

According to Daily Wire. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis outlined a strategy for Republicans to rule politics in the future after Republicans easily won the midterm elections earlier this month.

DeSantis spoke for 25 minutes during the Republican Jewish Coalition's annual leadership conference on Saturday.

The governor, who some surveys have shown is likely to be the Republican Party's nominee for president in 2024, emphasized the midterm election victory of Republicans in Florida throughout his speech.


Desantis recently stated that a GOP civil war was imminent.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis denied rumors of a GOP civil war after former president Donald Trump attacked him on social media. DeSantis steered clear of discussing the 2024 election while speaking, asking the media to "calm out."

The comments were made in answer to a query regarding the hurricane Ian recovery efforts.


Desantis has the proper idea when it comes to the success formula, emphasizing the need to combat wokeism and ensure that parental rights are at the center of every policy. But those establishment elites need to go because everyone is aware that the GOP establishment is frightened of giving the people back their power. Furthermore, as we go on what is expected to be an extremely crazed presidential election season, having someone in the White House who is ready to take on the swamp rats on all fronts should be a top priority for every Republican. We know Trump can save America in the future because of what he has already done in the past. So, let's restart the Trump train and save America once more.

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