Eric Swalwell Flails in Debate with Ben Shapiro Over Project 2025 in Committee Hearing

Eric Swalwell, the gift that keeps on giving to conservative pundits, found himself in another embarrassing predicament recently during a battle of wits with Ben Shapiro. Swalwell, known for his past gaffes and associations, attempted to take on Shapiro over “Project 2025” in a committee hearing on media collusion. However, it quickly became clear that Swalwell was outmatched.

With his characteristic bravado, Swalwell tried to corner Shapiro by citing Project 2025 as a major talking point. But Shapiro, armed with his signature wit and facts, effortlessly dismantled Swalwell’s arguments. From questioning Shapiro’s stance on the abortion pill to bringing up past quotes, Swalwell attempted to paint Shapiro as a supporter of Project 2025. However, Shapiro deftly deflected each attack, leaving Swalwell grasping at straws.

In a moment of desperation, Swalwell even tried to align himself with some aspects of Project 2025, only to be met with Shapiro’s biting remark that he should “congratulate [himself] on becoming a Republican.” The exchange ended with Swalwell humorously acknowledging that his parents would be proud of his newfound alignment with conservative values. 


The showdown between Swalwell and Shapiro showcased the stark contrast between their debating styles. Swalwell, known for his blunders and questionable associations, struggled to keep up with Shapiro’s quick thinking and sharp responses. In the end, it was clear to all watching that Swalwell had once again fallen victim to his own folly, with Shapiro emerging victorious in the battle of wits.

Written by Staff Reports

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