Ex-Assistant US Attorney Exposes Media’s Trump Indictment Bias

Will Scharf, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Missouri Attorney General candidate, has made some compelling points on Twitter that the mainstream media appears to be ignoring. Scharf contends that the indictment against former President Trump is “outrageous” and highlights the arguments of Mike Davis of the Article 3 Project and Michael Bekesha of Judicial Watch. He notes that if their argument holds up, the first 31 counts based on “unauthorized possession” could fall.

Scharf also explains that proving Trump’s intent to unlawfully retain classified documents is difficult, given that he may have believed they were personal records. Additionally, classified documents do not necessarily fall under the category of national defense information in the Espionage Act.

Scharf raises concerns about potential misconduct, including the allegation that the Special Counsel’s team tried to get co-defendant Walt Nauta’s lawyer, Stanley Woodward, to cooperate against Trump. There are also questions about attorney-client privilege and whether the charges were structured to get testimony from Evan Cocoran, one of Trump’s attorneys.

Scharf asserts that the speed at which the indictment was brought proves it is politically motivated. He suggests that the Trump team move for a continuance until after the election, as the indictment will hang over the entire election season.

Lastly, Scharf criticized Special Counsel Jack Smith for his “overzealous” prosecution of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, which was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court. Scharf raises concerns about why Smith was chosen to lead this prosecution.

Overall, this indictment against the former President is yet another example of the left’s relentless pursuit to “Get Trump” at any cost, even if it means weaponizing law enforcement and intelligence apparatuses against him. It is concerning that our republic is allowing such dishonest tactics to occur.

Written by Staff Reports

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