Ex-CIA Agent Shockingly Reveals We’re Not Alone: Aliens Among Us!

Former CIA officer Jim Semivan has made a shocking claim – he believes that humans are not alone on this planet and that there is alien life living among us. In a recent podcast, Semivan stated, “There’s some kind of non-human intelligence that’s living with us on this planet!” According to Semivan, this has always been the case and we have never been alone. However, he did not provide any physical evidence to support his claims.

Semivan goes on to describe his own encounter with aliens in the 90s, which his wife also witnessed. He believes that these beings are a natural part of our universe that we simply do not recognize, just like animals don’t understand the human universe. While Semivan’s claims may sound interesting, it’s important to consider other possibilities, such as ghosts or even falsehoods.

It is worth noting that Semivan is a co-founder of the To The Stars Academy, which some believe could be a counterintelligence operation on UFOs and alien life. This revelation comes shortly after government whistleblower David Grusch also spoke out about the discovery of “non-human biologics” at alleged crash sites. Grusch claims to know colleagues who were injured by UAP activity and by people within the US federal government. However, he cannot provide specific details about these incidents.

Whether or not these claims about aliens are true, it is important to focus on the challenges we face here on Earth before getting caught up in possible government Psyops. There are plenty of pressing issues that require our attention before we start searching for extraterrestrial life.

Written by Staff Reports

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