Ex-FBI Star McGonigal Tosses White Towel in Corruption Scandal! Will Justice Prevail?

Charles McGonigal is a former FBI agent who, strangely, looked into former President Donald Trump for working with the Russians. Now, McGonigal is being charged for working with the Russians. It looks like McGonigal may be changing his mind and getting ready to plead yes to those charges. This is a big change of plans.

During the Trump-Russia scandal, McGonigal was in charge of counterintelligence at the FBI's New York field office. In January, it was said that McGonigal had been arrested for reportedly taking money from Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. He and Sergey Shestakov, an interpreter, decided to look into another Russian oligarch that Deripaska was after. Someone who was meant to look into Russian collusion ended up getting involved in it himself, which is shocking.

The link between McGonigal and Deripaska is especially interesting because Deripaska was a key player in making the Russian Hoax. Alexander Downer, the Australian High Commissioner, told him that George Papadopoulos, a member of Trump's campaign team, said that the Russians had dirt on Hillary. This is what caused the FBI to look into the Trump campaign. Someone working on this study might be working together with a Russian oligarch, which is a very scary thought. It just shows that the FBI is full of lies and bad people.

Even though McGonigal's first response to the charges was "not guilty," new reports say that he plans to change his plea to "guilty." On August 15, there will be a meeting for a change of plea. Given that Donald Trump and Hunter Biden are still being tried for crimes that are getting a lot of attention, this change of plea comes at an interesting time. One can't help but wonder if McGonigal's deal will include any "unprecedented" plans for immunity.

This whole thing is a great example of how corrupt our government and law enforcement agents are. It's clear that some people will do whatever it takes to get rid of political opponents, even if it means doing the same things they were looking into. This case shows again how important it is for our legal system to be accountable and clear. We can't just ignore wrongdoing, no matter who is doing it.

Written by Staff Reports

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