Ex-NYPD Hero Exposes FBI’s Crime Data Charade Under Biden Regime

Former NYPD inspector Paul Mauro slammed the FBI under President Joe Biden for allegedly manipulating crime statistics and leading the nation astray. In a fiery interview with Jesse Watters of Fox News, Mauro didn’t hold back, claiming that the FBI’s crime numbers only covered 63% of the country and accused the media of selectively choosing statistics to fit their narrative.

The Biden administration’s denial of a crime wave was attributed to the FBI’s alleged manipulation of data, as reported by the Washington Examiner. Shockingly, it was revealed that about half of the country doesn’t even report their crime statistics to the FBI, leaving the bureau to make “estimates” which Mauro and his supporters find highly questionable.

The questionable statistics have played in favor of former President Donald Trump and the Republicans, as they believe it further erodes the public’s trust in the FBI. Mauro emphasized the increase in murders across 70 cities by 23% since 2019, and highlighted discrepancies in reported crime numbers, such as a 13% drop in robberies according to the FBI, contradicted by a 7% increase reported by Milwaukee police.

Mauro suggested that these manipulations were intentional, arguing that people understand the grim reality of the crime surge, despite the administration’s attempts to downplay it. According to him, the murder numbers have reached the highest mark since 1996, a year significant for the implementation of broken windows policing, implying a correlation between crime rates and law enforcement strategies.

The former NYPD inspector also refuted the common excuse that the rise in crime was due to the lingering effects of COVID-19, asserting that the nation is now in a “post COVID-era” and must confront the current reality on the ground. Mauro pointed to New York City as a microcosm of this trend, citing a startling increase of one-third in major felonies since 2019, contradicting the official narrative pushed by prosecutors.

Mauro’s impassioned critique of the FBI and the Biden administration’s handling of crime statistics has added fuel to the conservative fire, portraying a narrative of deception and manipulation intended to downplay the severity of the crime surge. The former inspector’s bold claims have stirred controversy and further widened the partisan divide on matters of law enforcement and public safety.

Written by Staff Reports

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