Experts: California Could End US Diesel Trucks

As per The Washington Post's report, the Biden administration is planning to grant California a waiver for its recently implemented regulations, permitting the state to impose more rigorous standards than those outlined in the federal Clean Air Act. However, the American Trucking Association has opposed this decision, claiming that the stricter regulations would lead to higher expenses for electronic heavy-duty vehicles, resulting in manufacturers postponing the acquisition of new automobiles.

According to experts who spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Monday, the California state government's proposed regulations could trigger the phasing out of new diesel-powered heavy-duty vehicles throughout the United States. This is possible because of a regulatory "backdoor" in the Clean Air Act, which permits California to impose more stringent emission requirements on all heavy-duty vehicles from model year 2024, three years earlier than the Biden administration's latest regulations that will go into effect from model year 2027.

The Washington Post reported on Monday, citing three sources familiar with the matter, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is poised to endorse California's proposed regulations. These rules would mandate that all newly sold heavy-duty vehicles, such as shipping trucks and delivery vans, in the state be entirely electric or hydrogen-powered from 2045. According to the DCNF, several states, including New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, and Vermont, have pledged to follow California's example. Experts say that this move is tantamount to a nationwide prohibition.

The backdoor provision in the Clean Air Act is an exceptional clause in federal legislation that permits one state to dictate the regulation of interstate trade for other states. This sets a hazardous precedent that may have extensive consequences for businesses and citizens throughout the country. Not only does this regulatory loophole potentially impede innovation and competitiveness, but it also unfairly burdens truckers and manufacturers, who will be responsible for adhering to these regulations.

Electric vehicles have become a crucial element of the Biden administration's plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the United States by 2050. Nevertheless, some suggest that this decision is more about promoting a political agenda than genuinely aiding the environment. The Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association has contended that these recent regulations would encourage truckers to retain their less efficient vehicles for longer, thus impeding environmental gains.

Following the Washington Post's report, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom of California took to Twitter on Monday to commend the state's "audacious steps" in "setting an example" on this matter. This is one more illustration of how California's liberal politicians are advancing their personal agenda at the expense of businesses and citizens throughout the nation. It's apparent that California is striving to leverage its power and clout to enforce its own liberal policies on other states, without considering the economic and social ramifications.

The Biden administration should not be granting California a waiver for its new rules. This will only serve to further entrench California’s liberal policies and potentially harm businesses and citizens across the country. The American people deserve better than this backdoor regulation that could potentially have far-reaching implications for our economy and society.

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