Experts: China Gained ALARMING Intel With Spy Balloon

National security experts have expressed worries about the trajectory of a Chinese spy balloon, which could have been part of a plan to survey and locate U.S. missile silos and other artillery positions. Bryan Clark, the Director of the Hudson Institute Center for Defense Concepts, suggested that the balloon may have allowed China to gather close-up imagery from different perspectives, enhancing its ability to target U.S. missile silos. He also speculated that the balloon may have been used to intercept U.S. military radio and radar signals and could have been a test of the U.S.’s air surveillance and response to subtle threats.

Victoria Coates, the Senior Research Fellow at the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom of the Heritage Foundation, spoke to The Daily Wire about the potential dangers posed by the balloon. She compared it to China’s security threats on Tik Tok and believes the balloon’s infringement on U.S. sovereignty was a test of the Biden administration’s willingness to take strong action and possibly engage in diplomatic conflict.

The potential implications of this balloon are vast, as it could provide information about U.S. military operations and sites. While the purpose behind the balloon’s deployment by the Chinese government is unclear, it has raised concern among national security specialists. The Biden administration has not responded to the situation yet, but it is expected that they will take measures to defend U.S. sovereignty and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The use of spy balloons is a relatively new form of surveillance, and it is concerning that China has chosen to use it over American airspace. It is possible that this incident was a test of the Biden administration’s response, and it is important that they take action in order to protect U.S. citizens and military personnel from further surveillance or attacks from foreign entities. It is also important for the U.S. government to stay vigilant and aware of any potential threats from China or other countries in order to ensure the safety of its citizens and military personnel.

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