Exposed: Democrats Prove Joe Biden Knew About Hunter’s Shady Deals

In a recent Hunter Biden hearing, House Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman unintentionally provided evidence that President Joe Biden had knowledge of his son’s business deals. During the hearing, Goldman questioned IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley about his previous testimony. Goldman seemed to believe that Shapley had made an error in his testimony.

Goldman asked Shapley about a lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel where Joe Biden greeted CFC executives. He pointed out that Shapley did not mention how the lunch originated, quoting Rob Walker’s statement that Hunter told his dad about potentially starting a company with the CFC. Goldman then argued that if Hunter informed his dad about his business plans, it doesn’t sound like Joe Biden was involved in any way.

Shapley agreed that the conversation indicated Hunter had informed his father about his business intentions, to which Goldman appeared flustered. Republicans quickly seized on this exchange as proof that Joe Biden was aware of Hunter’s shady business dealings with China.

The House Oversight Twitter account celebrated the exchange, accusing Goldman of inadvertently confirming that President Biden had discussed Chinese business deals with Hunter. They accused Joe Biden of lying about his knowledge of his son’s business affairs.

Goldman, however, saw things differently. He took to Twitter to defend himself and claim that the interaction was a result of an academic perspective rather than real-life trial experience. He argued that Hunter had merely asked his dad to say hello to potential business partners and that there was no evidence to suggest that Joe Biden knew anything about the business or was involved in any way.

It’s refreshing to see House Democrats continue to downplay any scrutiny on the Biden family’s questionable dealings. The Republican Party is right to highlight these exchanges, as they provide essential insights into the transparency and integrity of the current administration. It’s time for Joe Biden to stop denying his involvement and take responsibility for his son’s shady business deals.

Written by Staff Reports

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