Exposed: Ex-CIA Chief Unveils China’s EV Espionage Plot in Michigan!

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta dropped a bombshell during a recent House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party hearing, revealing that the proposed electric vehicle (EV) plant in Michigan could be a dangerous hotbed for Chinese espionage. That’s right, folks. The Chinese government is trying to sneak its way into the heart of America, and Panetta isn’t having any of it.

Panetta made it crystal clear that the Chinese will capitalize on their sneaky tactics by using the EV battery plant as a front for their sinister espionage operations. He warned Rep. John Moolenaar (R-MI) that we need to keep a hawk-eyed watch on the situation because, let’s face it, the Chinese are masterminds at concocting their evil plans right under our noses.

But wait, it gets even juicier! Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo chimed in to echo Panetta’s sentiments, emphasizing that the proposed plant is a clear and present danger to our national security. Pompeo didn’t mince words when he emphasized that not only will the Chinese engage in espionage, but they will also exploit the plant to gain a strategic advantage over the U.S. It’s like a real-life spy thriller playing out on American soil, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Gotion High-Tech, the China-based firm behind the Michigan project, has been laying the groundwork for their grand scheme. They announced their $2.4 billion investment in two EV plants, plus additional facilities on a massive 260-acre plot of land. And the nerve of it all, they even have plans for another plant in Illinois with an estimated cost of $2 billion. It’s like they’re planting their espionage seeds all over the heartland, hoping to sow chaos and discord.

But not so fast, Gotion! The locals and defense officials aren’t taking this lying down. They’ve been sounding the alarm, warning everyone who will listen about the imminent security risks posed by these sneaky Chinese schemes. Rep. Moolenaar is standing tall, boldly declaring that even former Defense Secretary under President Obama and Secretary of State under President Trump have testified under oath that Gotion’s Michigan plans are nothing but trouble for our national security. They’re onto the Chinese Communist Party’s tricks, and they’re not about to let America be taken for a ride.


Written by Staff Reports

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