Exposed: House Reports Detail Stunning DOJ Twist in Hunter Biden Investigation!

The House Judiciary, Ways and Means, and Oversight Committees collaborated this week to publish an enormous 78-page report detailing alleged "deviations" by the Justice Department in its investigation of Hunter Biden. Preparation abounds, as there is growing suspicion that an impeachment investigation could be initiated against President Joe Biden.

The report states that the testimony of several DOJ officials and IRS whistleblowers has revealed significant political interference in the investigation. IRS agents asserted in April that appointees of the Biden administration were interfering with the DOJ's operations by inserting their noses where they did not belong. Biden cronies undoubtedly refute these allegations; however, in all candor, we are all familiar with how such matters unfold.

What were several pivotal discoveries derived from the report? It turns out that the Justice Department prevented U.S. Attorney David Weiss from filing more severe charges against Hunter Biden not once, but twice. Additionally, in a strategic move, Attorney General Merrick Garland declined to appoint a special counsel to oversee the tax investigation. Doing so would have provided a degree of objectivity between the Justice Department and Joe Biden.

However, there is more! Lesley Wolf, an assistant U.S. attorney, forbade investigators from inquiring whether Joe Biden was "the big guy" and even forbade them from searching Biden's opulent guesthouse in Delaware. Evidently, the optics did not support their position. Furthermore, in the presence of good old Joe, Hunter Biden insisted that a Chinese merchant pay him. It is important to not overlook this fact. Discuss family-oriented values.

However, retain your headwear, for the situation is about to become even more dire. Guess what? The investigators were unable to obtain location data in order to corroborate whether Joe Biden was in the room during that shady transaction. Conveniently, the FBI "forgot" to obtain those details. Furthermore, Hunter Biden exhibited the temerity to deduct sex club and prostitution payments from his tax return. I mean, really? Do we truly desire this type of conduct from the initial family member?

The Justice Department has prevented two officials from testifying and continues to withhold information from the committees. Committees will not tolerate this situation lightly. They are determined to compose articles of impeachment against President Biden and are currently gathering additional evidence. Folks, this does not resemble the "hope and change" that was promised to us. The Bidens must be held accountable for their dubious conduct.

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