Exposed: KJP Dodges Questions on Hunter’s Shady Art Deal?

In a recent White House briefing, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked the president’s chief spokesperson, Karine Jean Pierre, a direct question regarding Hunter Biden’s art sales. Doocy was following up on a story that revealed Hunter Biden’s awareness of at least two art buyers who have paid him millions of dollars. One of these buyers also received a prestigious presidential appointment. Doocy wanted to know if the Biden White House can guarantee that there have been no perks or favors given to these benefactors. However, Jean Pierre dodged the question by claiming it was not her place to answer.

This evasion of responsibility is not surprising coming from the Biden administration. They have claimed that there is an “absolute wall” between the president’s duties and his family’s business interests. They have assured the public that Hunter Biden’s art sales would be carefully vetted and kept anonymous. However, it has now come to light that Hunter knows the identity of at least two buyers, one of whom has received a favor from the White House. The details surrounding these transactions and any potential special access or privileges granted by the White House remain unclear.

It is obvious that people are not buying Hunter Biden’s art because of his artistic talent. This is a clear case of influence peddling and corruption. Yet, the Biden administration continues to deflect and avoid answering questions on the matter. The American people were promised transparency and safeguards to prevent this exact situation from happening. It is now up to the press to hold the White House accountable and demand answers. Will they allow a handful of reporters, like Doocy, to raise the issue and be told it’s not their problem, or will they stand up for the truth and demand answers from the Biden administration?

Written by Staff Reports

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