Exposed: Soros-Backed Bragg’s Case Tumbles as Trump Fights Back!

In response to the incident involving a financial crimes detective, Donald Trump has called for the dismissal of the case against him. The officer, Jeremy Rosenberg, was let go due to his improper ties with Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer. According to the New York Post, the office of Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor in the case, suspended the detective due to his interactions with Cohen.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump claimed that Bragg's case is weak and should be immediately dropped. Despite multiple calls from Trump, he has not dropped the case. Bragg is still fighting to keep it in state court, and he's refusing to reveal the nature of the charges.

The credibility of Cohen, who is the president's personal attorney, is one of the reasons why many are questioning Bragg's case. Trump is facing over 30 felony charges for allegedly lying to the voters about his efforts to conceal his illegal payments to buy the silence of two women during the 2016 election. Bragg has not explained what the crime is, and the prosecutor has invoked election law to upgrade the case to a more serious offense.

Trump also pointed to the role played by Mark Pomerantz in the case, who resigned from his position as a prosecutor after he wrote a book detailing the investigation that he was involved in. The trial for the case is scheduled to start in March, during the primary season for the Republican Party.

Trump has also criticized Bragg's investigation, which he claims is a witch hunt against him. The case is further evidence of the left's attempt to undermine conservative groups. The charges against him don't have a strong basis and are just cheap attempts to damage his reputation. It's unfair for Trump to be prosecuted on these charges, as there are other criminals who are going unpunished.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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