FBI Accused of Ignoring Epstein’s Predatory Spree for Decades

Twelve women who claim to be victims of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are pointing their fingers at the FBI, filing a lawsuit accusing the agency of turning a blind eye to Epstein’s disturbing activities for over 20 years. In a dramatic legal maneuver, the victims are demanding the government pay for the FBI’s alleged negligence, claiming that if the agency had done its job, they wouldn’t have suffered the horrors they experienced.

These “Jane Does” insist that the FBI snoozed on the job by failing to interview victims or coordinate with other law enforcement agencies, even though they supposedly had leads about Epstein’s misdeeds as far back as 1996. The lawsuit paints a picture of an FBI that was too busy sipping on coffee to take the time to stop Epstein in his tracks. The victims argue that if the FBI hadn’t dropped the ball, they wouldn’t have endured the torment of sex trafficking, abuse, assault, and threats.

The women are firing shots at the government, with the lawsuit targeting the U.S. government as the sole defendant. The victims are seeking compensation for the alleged failures of the FBI, which they claim allowed Epstein to continue preying on innocent individuals until 2019, when the feds finally charged him with sex crimes involving minors. It was just a month later that Epstein mysteriously met his demise, with his death being ruled a suicide.

This lawsuit is rooted in deep frustration, with Maria Farmer and Sarah Ransome leading the charge against the FBI for failing to lift a finger to investigate Epstein way back in the 1990s. These brave women are calling the FBI out for ignoring their cries for help, claiming that federal officials and the New York police turned a blind eye to their complaints against Epstein and his partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, way back in 1996.

The number of girls and women allegedly harmed by Epstein remains a point of contention, with estimates suggesting that over 100 individuals fell victim to his heinous acts. Recently, JPMorgan Chase agreed to cough up a hefty sum to settle another lawsuit brought by Epstein’s victims, agreeing to pay a massive $290 million.

Written by Staff Reports

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