FBI Agent Confirms IRS Scandal – Unveils Sinister FBI Cover-Up!

With its most recent release of testimony from an FBI supervisory special agent, the House Oversight Committee has once again caused a commotion. This testimony appears to support what Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, two IRS whistleblowers, have previously stated. After attempting to charge Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C., and the Central District of California, special counsel David Weiss was denied special counsel status, according to the claims of both whistleblowers. This scandal escalated only after Attorney General Merrick Garland implied in a press conference that the whistleblowers had misunderstood Weiss and that he actually had the authority to charge in any jurisdiction.

However, the publication of this transcript from the FBI supervisory special agent raises a number of significant concerns. If what Garland said in June is accurate, then why did Weiss request and receive special counsel status a second time in August? If Weiss already had the authority to change jurisdictions, he should not have required special counsel status. This disclosure from the House Oversight Committee verifies additional aspects of the whistleblowers' testimony, such as the FBI's informing the Secret Service and Joe Biden's transition team. Nevertheless, the interview never occurred, leaving Shapley and the FBI supervisory special agent in limbo.

All of these pieces of evidence strongly suggest that the FBI may have been involved in covering up alleged offences committed by Hunter Biden. Why would the Biden transition team need to be informed about an interview with a non-government official? And why did the FBI neglect to follow up when no interview arrangements were made? Similar to the Department of Justice (DOJ), it appears that the FBI may have participated in this exercise. It is unclear where all of this will lead, but it undoubtedly raises questions about the DOJ's investigation management. If they were willing to sweep things under the rug in 2022, there is no reason to believe they will become aggressive and trustworthy in 2023.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the FBI and DOJ's actions regarding Hunter Biden are surrounded by grave questions. It is time for openness and accountability; the American people deserve answers. Especially if it entails potential criminal activity by the president's son, the DOJ should not be able to sweep this under the rug. This is an obvious misuse of authority and a betrayal of public trust. It is essential that the truth be revealed and those responsible be held accountable. The American people are deserving of better.

Written by Staff Reports

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