FBI Informants Exposed In Bombshell J6 Report

After failing to respond to his initial attempts to contact them, the officials of the F.B. I.I. reached out to him on January 6.

During the months prior to January 6, the FBI learned that a member of the Proud Boys in Kansas City was planning on carrying out a violent attack. On January 6, the group and other far-right individuals marched into the Capitol, where they were met by law enforcers. However, during his meetings with the authorities, the individual claimed that the group had no plans to stop the 2020 presidential election.

Also, the head of the Proud Boys was a government informant in the past. He was apprehended before the violent incident on January 6 happened.

The New York Times questioned the FBI's claim that the incident was a planned attack. If the agency had monitored the activities of the Proud Boys before the violent incident, why didn't they stop them beforehand?

The FBI received a tip about the activities of the Proud Boys from the informant, but they didn't follow up on it. It seemed like they should have done so based on the nature of the information they received.

If McWhirter was a confidential source, why didn't the government call him to testify? Also, why didn't the defense call him to testify?

With the possible rise of a new Republican majority in the House of Representatives, it's possible that Senator Ted Cruz will investigate the FBI's actions regarding the informant.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on RedState.

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