FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend Accuses DOJ of Entrapment in Arizona Shooting Case

In a recent development, FBI whistleblower Steve Friend criticized the Department of Justice’s charges in the case of the Race-War-Bad-Bunny-Concert-Shooting. Friend, known for exposing FBI misconduct, expressed his concerns about the FBI’s tactics in arresting individuals and fabricating crimes. He believes that the recent indictment of Mark A. Prieto from Arizona follows a predictable pattern of entrapment by FBI agents to target innocent Americans.

Friend pointed out the similarities between Prieto’s case and the controversial arrest of individuals allegedly involved in a plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. In both cases, FBI agents used tactics to manipulate vulnerable individuals into committing acts they may not have otherwise undertaken. This, according to Friend, is a common strategy employed by the FBI to create fake crimes and boost their track record.

Drawing on historical examples like the Ruby Ridge incident, where federal agents were involved in a deadly confrontation with a family, Friend highlighted the dangers of overreach by law enforcement agencies. He argued that the FBI’s focus on manufacturing terrorism cases, even when there is no imminent threat, is a concerning trend. Friend suggested that political pressure and funding incentives play a significant role in driving the FBI to pursue cases that may not genuinely pose a threat to national security. 


In the case of Mark A. Prieto, Friend criticized the FBI for exaggerating the potential threat posed by the individual. Despite Prieto’s alleged discussions about a mass shooting, Friend emphasized that the charges primarily revolved around a gun sale, rather than concrete evidence of terrorist intentions. He cautioned against sensationalizing cases to fit a terrorism narrative, especially when the core charges are related to firearms offenses.

Overall, Friend’s analysis raises important questions about the tactics and priorities of law enforcement agencies, particularly the FBI. By shedding light on potential misconduct and manipulation in high-profile cases, Friend encourages a critical examination of how justice is pursued in the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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