Federal Court Slams DC: Favors BLM Over Pro-Lifers in Arrests Drama

A federal appeals court ruled that Washington, DC, officials violated the free speech rights of pro-life activists in 2020 by arresting them while ignoring the actions of Black Lives Matter demonstrators. During that year, thousands of people defaced the city's public property with chalk and paint.

No arrests were made. On the other hand, two pro-life activists were swiftly apprehended by the police after they wrote "Black Lives Matter" on a sidewalk near a Planned Parenthood facility.

In a case involving the enforcement of laws, Judge Neomi Rao of the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that the government cannot force people to choose between losers and winners in public forums. She noted that this would undermine the First Amendment's protection against discrimination.


A panel of the appeals court ruled that the District of Columbia had probable grounds to believe that pro-life activists were being discriminated against based on their viewpoint. This decision overturned the Foundation's First Amendment claim and ordered further proceedings.

The case, which was brought by the Alliance Defense Freedom on behalf of two pro-life groups, was regarded as a victory for the First Amendment. Its senior counsel, Erin Hawley, stated that the decision of the appeals court showed that officials in Washington, DC, cannot prevent people from expressing their ideas.

J.R. Gurley, the president of the Frederick Douglass Foundation's Virginia chapter, commended the court for its ruling. He noted that the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of speech for those who share pro-life views peacefully. Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, also praised the court's decision.

The details of how the District of Columbia officials decided to enforce the law are crucial to the ongoing case. As a result, it's crucial to fight back against discrimination based on one's viewpoint. The appeals court's unanimous decision is a significant victory for pro-life activists, ensuring that their voices can be heard in important political and cultural discussions.

Written by Staff Reports

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