Fencing Folly: Border Patrol Debunks Biden’s Wall Skepticism!

President Joe Biden once again expressed his opposition to constructing a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, despite his own administration waiving federal laws to fast track the building of a few miles of border wall in the Rio Grande Valley Sector. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas acknowledged the urgent need for physical barriers and roads near the border to prevent unlawful entries into the United States.

However, as conservative news writer, I have to question President Biden’s decision to disregard the advice of Border Patrol sector chiefs who have affirmed the effectiveness of barriers in securing the border.

Border Patrol sector chiefs unanimously agreed that barriers, such as walls, are incredibly helpful in their mission to secure the border. Then-Del Rio Sector Chief Jason Owens explained that physical barriers extend the time for Border Patrol agents to respond and apprehend individuals crossing the border illegally, and it increases the certainty of arrest. Former Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke of the San Diego Sector also emphasized the importance of barriers in slowing down people attempting to cross and redirecting them to areas with fewer barriers where law enforcement can allocate resources.

El Centro Sector Chief Gregory Bovino, who has witnessed the impact of border walls in his area, noted a significant decrease in vehicular and pedestrian crossings where walls have been installed. The walls provide agents with a tool and advantage when working in border areas. Additionally, Yuma Sector Deputy Chief Dustin Caudle expressed concern about the daily exploitation of gaps in their wall system, which makes it easier for unauthorized individuals to enter the country.

It is clear that the opinions of these Border Patrol sector chiefs should hold weight in the policy decisions regarding border security. Ignoring their expertise and dismissing the effectiveness of physical barriers is a mistake. President Biden’s refusal to consider the evidence presented by these officials shows a lack of commitment to securing our borders and protecting the safety and well-being of American citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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