FIRED! CNN Let’s Go 2 More “Woke” Anchors as they Dump Leftist Politics

As the number of people being fired at CNN continues to increase, the network is now announcing that it is firing two more employees. This is another attempt to stop the company from going down the drain.

According to the Daily Caller, several members of CNN's media team announced their resignations on Wednesday. The network's president, Chris Licht, also announced changes in the company's staffing.

Following the sudden departures of several prominent journalists and anchors, An Phung and Alex Koppelman, the network's senior editors for news, announced their departure. Their departures came as a result of Licht's efforts to create a more bipartisan environment within the company.

In her farewell message, An Phung said that she was able to achieve her dream of working at CNN after being born on a refugee boat. She noted that working with some of the industry's best journalists had exceeded her biggest and boldest childhood ambitions.

In his farewell message, Alex said that he was proud of the work that he and his team were able to accomplish during his time with CNN. He noted that the network was able to expose the allegations against Mark Halperin and report on sexual assault and other issues.

In recent weeks, CNN has parted ways with several prominent left-wing personalities, such as John Harwood and Brian Smelter. One of the network's biggest investors, John Malone, said that he wanted to see the company change and get back to being a more balanced and independent news organization. Since he joined CNN in 2012, Licht has been trying to find ways to reduce the extreme political polarization that has been affecting the company.

It was also reported that CNN was considering firing reporter Jim Acosta and reporter Brian Keilar. However, a report from the New York Post indicated that the two would be safe for now.

The public has lost confidence in CNN, and the company is a dumpster fire. If all goes according to plan, they'll start reporting the news and not just spewing leftist garbage in the very near future.

Written by Staff Reports

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