FL Governor DeSantis Signs Bill Removing Disney’s Self-Governing Status

Located in the Walt Disney World Resort is the Reedy Creek Improvement district. It is responsible for the special taxing district and governing authority.

Last year, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that ended the special districts established by the Walt Disney Company in Florida prior to 1968. The bill also removed the company's tax privilege.

In 2022, Governor DeSantis called a special session to address the issue of special districts in Florida, which were created before 1968. He also proposed removing the exemptions from the Big Tech Accountability Act.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed a bill into law on Monday that will strip Disney of its special privileges and establish a state board to ensure that the debts of the company are not absorbed by the state.

The bill also changes the structure of the Reedy Creek board, giving the state oversight board the power to control the district.

The bill also gave the state oversight board control over the Reedy Creek district.

According to the governor's office, the bill would prevent Disney from developing airports, nuclear power facilities, and toll roads.

During his signing ceremony, the governor criticized the way the state had handled the issue of the special districts, saying that it had unfairly treated the different theme parks in the state.

During a press briefing, the governor noted that Disney and the state had a disagreement over the Parental Rights In Education Act, which prevented teachers from discussing gender identity and sexual orientation in schools.

According to the governor, Disney had come up against an issue that was about protecting young children. He said that the company was against allowing teachers to tell students that they can transition.

During the press briefing, Jon Shirey, the president of the Professional Firefighters of Reedy Creek, noted that there has been a long-standing discrimination against the first responders.

Shirey noted that the lack of concern for the safety of the public was exhibited by the Reedy Creek administration and its board of supervisors.

According to Shirey, the lack of paramedics and ambulances has led to major delays in the response times to emergency calls.

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