Former NeverTrumpers Shift to Never Biden Amid Israel Policy Concerns

As the 2024 election approaches, some people are changing their minds about President Joe Biden. They used to be NeverTrumpers, but now they are becoming Never Bidens instead. Many are upset with Biden’s recent actions, especially regarding the situation in Israel. After Biden decided to prevent aid and weapons from being sent to Israel, some people who normally might have supported him are reconsidering. They believe that Biden’s actions are a threat to both America and Israel.

One person who used to support Nikki Haley, Cliff Asness, now feels that Biden’s decisions are very disappointing. He said, “Biden is a huge disappointment, really a moral outrage with this arms embargo being only the latest and greatest outrage.” Another person, Michael Granoff, who voted for Biden in 2020, is also thinking about not voting for him in the next election. He said, “I am not voting for Biden. I’m not saying I’m voting for Trump, but it’s a nonzero chance now.”

Even some people who have supported Democratic candidates in the past are not happy with Biden. Billionaire Bill Ackman, who has donated to Democratic presidential campaigns, criticized Biden’s recent interview, calling it “crazy.” He also reposted a message from Donald Trump, criticizing Biden’s actions.

Other high-profile Democrats and Republican NeverTrumpers are also expressing concerns about Biden’s chances in the upcoming election. Byron York from The Washington Examiner believes that Biden’s campaign is “dead in the water” at this point. He thinks that it will be difficult for Biden to regain the confidence of voters, especially when it comes to the economy.

Some people are advising Donald Trump to focus on key issues such as Israel, the economy, and illegal immigration. By staying focused on these issues, it is believed that Trump can pull even more voters away from Biden and strengthen his own base. The next election is seen as crucial, and many people feel that it will be a significant moment in American history.

In conclusion, the 2024 election is shaping up to be a crucial moment for America. The actions of both Biden and Trump are being closely watched, and many people are reconsidering their support for Biden. The outcome of the election could have a major impact on the future of the country.

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Written by Staff Reports

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