Former Obama Adviser Axelrod Questions Biden’s Fitness to Serve

CNN’s Senior Political Commentator and former Obama Adviser David Axelrod did not hold back in his criticisms of President Joe Biden, suggesting that the President is avoiding the pressing question of whether he is “set and fit to serve until he’s closer to 90 than 80.” Axelrod’s assessment of Biden’s performance was overwhelmingly negative, indicating that the President is seemingly disconnected from reality and failing to address the concerns about his capabilities.

Axelrod pointed out that while Biden appeared more lively and engaged during a recent public appearance, he still appeared to be evading the fundamental issue at hand. The former Obama Adviser emphasized that Biden’s ability to recite his accomplishments was not in question, but rather his fitness to continue leading the country effectively. Axelrod’s analysis painted a grim picture of Biden’s current standing, suggesting that the public perception of his capability to serve as President in the long term is decidedly unfavorable.

In his assessment of Biden’s recent ABC interview, Axelrod expressed a sense of disappointment, characterizing certain moments as “sad” and highlighting Biden’s apparent inability to acknowledge the doubts surrounding his capacity to fulfill his presidential duties. The overall tone of Axelrod’s comments implies a deep concern about Biden’s leadership and his ability to address the challenges facing the nation.

As voices from both sides of the political spectrum continue to scrutinize President Biden’s performance, criticisms from figures like David Axelrod underscore the growing skepticism about the President’s fitness to lead. The spotlight on Biden’s capabilities and his response to pressing questions about his presidency is likely to intensify in the coming months, as concerns about his age and competence take center stage in the national conversation.

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