Fox News Pulls Hunter Biden Show After Legal Threat Over Images

Fox News has decided to remove the show called “The Trial of Hunter Biden” from their streaming service called Fox Nation. This decision came after Hunter Biden’s lawyers threatened legal action against the network. The lawyers were concerned about explicit pictures of Biden in the documentary, suggesting that these images might have been obtained illegally.

The show first aired in October 2022, but it was taken down shortly after Hunter Biden’s legal team made their objections public. Hunter Biden has accused Fox News of spreading false information about him.

“The Trial of Hunter Biden” was a series produced by Fox Nation that delved into the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. The show discussed various allegations against Hunter, including his business dealings in Ukraine and China, as well as his personal challenges. The documentary attracted a lot of attention due to the ongoing political tensions within the Biden family.

It was reported that Hunter Biden demanded the removal of private explicit images that he claimed were shared without his consent. This move was part of his strategy to combat negative media coverage. Hunter’s lawyers accused Fox News of attempting to damage his reputation by sharing hacked images and requested corrections to be issued.

According to Hunter’s legal team, Fox News has consistently targeted Hunter Biden for the past five years to boost their ratings and financial success. Despite the controversy, President Joe Biden has stood by his son, who is currently facing legal charges in Delaware and California.

Fox News defended its coverage, citing freedom of speech protections under the First Amendment. The network stated that they have accurately reported on the events involving Hunter Biden and the subsequent legal actions taken against individuals making claims about him.

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