Fury Erupts as Dad of Wronged Chiefs Fan Rejects Hollow Sorries

In a shocking turn of events, the father of the young Kansas City Chiefs fan who was viciously attacked online over baseless racism claims has spoken out, and he’s not holding back. Bubba Armenta, the boy’s father, expressed his fury over the false accusations and essentially told the perpetrators of this smear campaign that their apologies are not welcome, stating, “It’s a little too late for that.” Can you blame him? The damage has already been done, and it’s spread like wildfire across the globe.

The online outlet that shamelessly smeared the innocent young fan falsely accused him of racism for donning a Native American headdress and using blackface, despite the fact that he was actually wearing red and black face paint and is of Native American descent. Now, how’s that for a major oopsie? The Armenta family is part of the Chumash Tribe, and, fun fact, the headdress the young boy wore wasn’t even a traditional Chumash Tribe piece. So, you know, maybe do some research before jumping to conclusions? Just a thought.

But wait, there’s more! Armenta made it crystal clear that there was absolutely no intention to disrespect any Native Americans or tribes. In fact, the headdress was worn purely to support the Chiefs, not to step on anybody’s toes. It’s as simple as that, folks. Yet, the online outrage machine churned on, and some Native American tribes have spoken out, with mixed opinions on the matter. Seems like there’s some division in the tribe council over this whole uproar.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the courageous young fan himself, who shared that he’s feeling “a little nervous” about the unwarranted attention. Can you blame the poor kid? But hey, at least some of his classmates are excited about the whole ordeal. Yay?

To add insult to injury, the story attacking this innocent Chiefs fan is still up on the online outlet’s website as of Thursday morning. Cue the collective eye roll. But fear not, dear readers, as there are those who have come to the defense of this young boy. The indefatigable Elon Musk, billionaire extraordinaire, called out the author of the story as “an unapologetic racist and a deceiver.” How’s that for some spicy commentary?

In conclusion, the Armenta family deserves a massive apology and a whole lot of backpedaling from those who jumped the gun and vilified this innocent young fan. But hey, who needs integrity and fact-checking when you can just rile up the masses and push a false narrative, right? Keep fighting the good fight, Armenta family. The truth will prevail, no matter how hard some may try to bury it.

Written by Staff Reports

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