Gabbard Torchlights DOJ’s Trump Hunt, Allies with GOP Giants at CPAC

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, once a familiar face in the Democratic Party, took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference to sound the alarm on the threats to American democracy. In a thunderous speech, she lashed out at the Department of Justice for its relentless pursuit of former President Donald Trump, slamming what she called the Democrats’ ploy to deny the American people the freedom to choose their leader.

Gabbard’s bold remarks echoed her usual tirades against the so-called “swamp creatures” in Washington, whom she accused of weaponizing the criminal justice system to thwart the Republican presidential candidate. She lambasted the 91 charges looming over Trump, asserting that even those not in Trump’s camp recognize the Democrats’ agenda as absurd.

Since departing from the Democratic Party, Gabbard has found her home on Fox News, where she has consistently lambasted the FBI and Justice Department for allegedly targeting Biden’s opponents. Her recent alignment with conservative circles was cemented when Trump confirmed her consideration as his potential running mate, recognizing her as a woman of color and a veteran who shares his disapproval of U.S. military involvement abroad.

Transitioning further to the political right, Gabbard is set to headline a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago for Trump, affirming her newfound allegiance. She used her platform at the conservative conference not only to defend Trump but also to rebuke former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who criticized the GOP frontrunner. Gabbard vehemently disputed Haley’s claims, vouching for Trump’s sincerity and compassion in private interactions.

In summary, Gabbard’s fiery address at the conservative gathering cemented her standing as a vocal opponent of the Democratic establishment and a staunch advocate for Trump and the Republican cause.

Written by Staff Reports

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