Gerogia Deploys National Guard As Anti-Police Riots Escalate

In response to the growing concerns about police brutality in Atlanta, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared an emergency. He deployed 1,000 National Guard troops to the city.

Last week, the police attempted to remove leftist activists from the area where they had been camping out for over a year as part of a protest against the planned "Cop City" training facility in Atlanta.

According to the GBI, the law enforcers were able to find Manuel Teran, who was inside a tent, in the woods. However, he refused to comply with their commands and shot a state patrol officer. Other officers then shot and killed him.

Despite the peaceful protests by leftist groups, some radical environmentalists demanded that the police be fired upon. The police responded to the protests by deploying riot gear and arresting six people.

According to Mayor of Atlanta Andre Dickens, some of the people arrested had been found with explosives. He also noted that one of the officers' cars was set on fire.

The state of emergency was issued by Governor Kemp on Thursday due to the unlawful assembly, violence, and threats that were made during the anti-police riots that occurred in the city.

In his emergency order, the governor stated that the people of Georgia do not tolerate the acts of violence. He was able to mobilize the National Guard to help restore order.

In a statement, Kemp warned the public about the activities of domestic terrorists near the proposed training facility for the police. He promised to take immediate action against those who would engage in violence and intimidation.

According to the governor, the individuals who were arrested on Saturday were part of a wider network of radical activists who have carried out similar violent acts across the country.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Valiant News.

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