GOP AG Backs Death Row Inmate’s Fight for Justice in High-Stakes SCOTUS Clash

The Supreme Court has granted an appeal from Richard Glossip, a death row inmate in Oklahoma who claims innocence in the 1997 murder-for-hire case of a motel owner. The case is scheduled to be heard in the fall. Glossip, supported by the state's Republican attorney general, Gentner Drummond, who believes in a fair trial, has gained attention due to concerns about trial fairness. Despite doubts raised by Drummond and some state lawmakers, an Oklahoma appeals court upheld Glossip's conviction, and the state's pardon and parole board were deadlocked in a vote for clemency.

Drummond highlighted that another man, Justin Sneed, confessed to the robbery and murder of the motel owner after Glossip promised him $10,000. Sneed received a life sentence for his testimony, a key factor in Glossip's conviction. Drummond noted Sneed's false testimony and the destruction of evidence, casting doubt on the prosecution.

Glossip's case, having reached the Supreme Court previously, has faced multiple near-executions. The current hearing will involve only eight justices, as Justice Neil Gorsuch is not participating. The high court, after considering Glossip's appeal since late September, has not provided a clear reason for the delay.

Prosecutors rarely advocate against executing a death row inmate, but a similar situation led the justices to instruct a Texas appeals court to reconsider another death row case with prosecutor support.

The case has drawn international attention, with actress Susan Sarandon and death penalty opponent Sister Helen Prejean advocating for Glossip. Additionally, Glossip's story was featured in the 2017 documentary film "Killing Richard Glossip."







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