GOP Attorneys General Sue Biden Admin Over Truck Emissions Limits

A coalition of Republican attorneys general, led by Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers, is mounting a legal challenge against the Biden administration's recently imposed emissions regulations for trucks. Their petition seeks to overturn a rule set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that places limits on truck emissions.

In addition to targeting the EPA rule, another lawsuit filed against California contends that the state's phased-in prohibition on internal-combustion trucks is unconstitutional and will adversely affect the U.S. economy. According to Hilgers, both the EPA and California regulations will inflict severe damage on the trucking and logistics sector, leading to increased prices for consumers and job losses not only in Nebraska but across the nation.

Hilgers underscored the potential challenges in transitioning from diesel and fossil fuel-based infrastructure to electric-based infrastructure, particularly citing the insufficient presence of truck charging stations in Nebraska. While the EPA's stringent emissions standards aim to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and benefit communities situated near freight routes frequented by trucks and heavy vehicles, Republican attorneys general remain apprehensive about the ramifications for the trucking industry and the broader economy.

Scheduled to be implemented for model years spanning from 2027 through 2032, the EPA's new regulations aspire to prevent up to 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the next three decades. Nevertheless, concerns persist among Republican leaders regarding the potential adverse effects on the trucking and logistics sectors, as well as the overall U.S. economy.

This legal challenge also addresses California's prohibition on the sale of diesel-powered big rigs and buses commencing in 2036. Industry representatives and Republican officials from various states are pushing back against California's ambitious agenda to phase out fossil fuels. The significant number of states joining Nebraska's legal actions against the EPA and California underscores the widespread apprehension among Republican leadership nationwide.

This ongoing legal battle underscores the divergence of opinions and concerns surrounding emissions regulations and the transition to alternative energy sources within the transportation industry.

Written by Staff Reports

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