GOP Blitz: New Bill Aims to Bulldoze Biden’s $1.5T Reg Swamp

House Republicans are not holding back in their opposition to President Joe Biden's unrestrained use of executive regulations to advance his liberal agenda. Their most recent budget proposal seeks to bring to light the multitude of agency regulations that have been slipped in without the proper authorization of Congress. They contend that these regulations are significantly burdening the financial systems of Wall Street and Main Street, and they support their claim with numerical evidence.

The Republican budget legislation audaciously stated that the situation has deteriorated further during President Biden's tenure, as more than $1.5 trillion has been spent on unilateral and even unconstitutional executive actions, according to the bill. This announcement was further compounded by the fact that it was released concurrently with Biden's staggering $7.3 trillion tax and expenditure plan.

However, the most alarming provision of this budget measure is the proposal to eradicate "all new regulations" enacted during Biden's first term in office, as well as those that were stalled during the COVID-19 pandemic permanently. It's no surprise that anti-regulatory groups in Washington are ecstatic. Competitive Enterprise Institute's Wayne Crews praised the action, emphasizing the necessity of alleviating the burdens of excessive regulation and ensuring the repeal of detrimental and costly regulations.

Crews has consistently advocated for Congress to regain its authority as the nation's regulator and rein in White House regulations. Neither is he fighting alone in this conflict. The bill introduced by the House Budget Committee emphasized the significant increase in expenditures allocated to regulatory agencies, which has risen from $4 billion in 1960 to almost $70 billion in 2021. Furthermore, the number of regulatory personnel has increased significantly from 57,109 to an astounding 288,409, while the annual volume of rules published in the Federal Register has quadrupled from 22,877 to 188,221 pages. That is an extreme case of bureaucracy!

If re-elected, former President Donald Trump has also pledged to eliminate a significant number of Biden's regulations. Throughout his first term, Trump instituted a policy mandating the elimination of a minimum of two regulations for each new one. Commence the process of eliminating regulatory waste!

Similar to Biden's budget, it is now common knowledge that this House budget bill faces an insurmountable battle in the deeply divided Congress. Nevertheless, it provides a brief indication of what might transpire in the event that the Republicans prevail in the forthcoming election. In addition to reducing the financial strain caused by expensive regulations, Chairman Jodey Arrington (R-TX) concluded that eliminating regulations would rein in the executive branch's excessive authority. Ultimately, a budgetary proposal that is red, white, and blue in hue!

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