GOP Defense Bill Halts Woke Pentagon Spending, Boosts Military Might

The GOP-led House has finally rolled out a defense appropriations bill that’s making waves for all the right reasons. The $833 billion proposal is a classic case of pushing back against the alarming societal drift initiated by the woke policies of the current administration. You won’t find a penny in this bill for Biden’s agenda of sex-change surgeries, climate obsession, or those divisive diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

No surprise here; the White House quickly issued a veto threat. Their discontent centers around the bill’s bold stances, which include barring Pentagon funds from getting funneled to shady places like the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its partner in crime, EcoHealth Alliance. It’s about time someone shut off the cash flow to the birthplace of COVID-19, as confirmed by none other than the FBI and Energy Department’s intelligence units.

The defense bill also doesn’t skimp on reinforcing America’s military might. Tens of billions in new aircraft, missiles, warships, and armored vehicles ensure that the U.S. military remains second to none. While this bill awaits reconciliation with the Senate’s version, which will undoubtedly lack this common-sense assertiveness, it sets a strong starting point.

Predictably, the usual suspects are up in arms. The White House’s statement whined about “devastating consequences” to military readiness and well-being, as though refusing to pay for elective surgeries and drag queen story hours is a threat to national security. Heaven forbid we encourage unity in our military ranks rather than the endless division based on race, gender, and other superficial traits.

Speaking of drag queens, this bill stops any funds being used for drag queen story hours or military recruiters in drag. The woke sideshow that involved an active-duty Navy sailor and professional drag queen as a recruiter won’t be happening on the GOP’s watch. Additionally, surgical procedures or hormone therapies for so-called “gender-affirming care” will no longer be taxpayer-funded.

The bill takes a hard stance against the Pentagon’s DEI programs, which have done nothing but sow discord within the military. Tax dollars will no longer support offices promoting the ludicrous idea that one race or sex is inherently superior, or worse, that moral character is determined by race or sex. Teaching critical race theory, often criticized for fostering anti-White sentiment, is also banned under this legislation.

In the fight against climate lunacy, the bill prevents Pentagon funds from being used to enforce any of the administration’s climate change executive orders, including those pushing the misnomer of “environmental justice.” For those still clinging to the debunked climate change narrative, this shift couldn’t come at a better time.

There’s more. The bill aims to strip security clearances from 51 former intelligence officials who falsely branded Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation right before the 2020 election. Mask mandates and COVID vaccination requirements for military dependents? Scrapped. Gender transition surgeries for minors at military schools? Prohibited.

Instead of letting woke policies run rampant, this bill ensures that no funds discriminate against individuals upholding traditional marriage values. And it wisely restricts Pentagon spending on NewsGuard, a so-called media watchdog that conservatives argue has been consistently biased against right-leaning outlets.

In a nutshell, this defense appropriations bill is a much-needed check on the runaway leftist agenda, ensuring that America’s armed forces focus on defense, not divisive social experiments.

Written by Staff Reports

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