GOP Heroes Battle Biden’s Climate Cash Drain

A group of brave and principled Republican lawmakers have taken a stand against the Biden Administration’s reckless and wasteful spending. In a letter sent to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), these lawmakers demanded that no hard-earned taxpayer dollars be used to support the United Nations’ climate refugee agenda. And boy, are they right to do so!

The UN International Office of Migration (IOM) recently set a jaw-dropping $2.7 billion fundraising goal for 2024. Can you believe that? Two-point-seven billion dollars just for migrants displaced by climate change. It’s like they think money grows on trees or something! Well, these Republicans aren’t falling for it. Led by the fearless Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt, along with his fellow conservative warriors, they penned the letter to USAID Administrator Samantha Power, urging her not to allocate any agency funding for this outrageous program.

The lawmakers highlighted a glaring flaw in the UN’s logic. Even the UN itself admits that international law doesn’t officially recognize climate refugees or asylees. So why on earth should American taxpayers foot the bill for a problem that doesn’t even exist? It’s like asking us to pay for unicorn insurance!

Senator Schmitt is taking his opposition a step further by introducing the “No Tax Dollars for the United Nations Climate Agenda Act.” This bill will ensure that our hard-earned money is not wasted on the UN’s broader climate agenda. Finally, some common sense in Congress!

But these lawmakers aren’t naive. They know that the Biden Administration might try to find sneaky ways to fund the UN’s climate agenda, bypassing their legislation. That’s why they’re demanding a commitment from the administration to ensure that no funding, in any manner, goes towards this charade. And they’re absolutely right to be wary. The Biden Administration has proven time and time again that it’s more interested in appeasing the radical left than in protecting the interests of hardworking Americans.

It’s refreshing to see these Republican lawmakers standing up against wasteful spending and putting America first. Let’s hope their voices are heard and our taxpayer dollars are not wasted on a UN agenda that has no basis in reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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