GOP Members Unveil Biden’s Plan, Say He May Be Paying for Slave Labor

All in the name of promoting a "green" agenda, Biden has been sabotaging the energy sector in the United States. He is intentionally driving up the price of gasoline to encourage more people in the United States to purchase electric vehicles. Additionally, he is utilizing public funds to subsidize the environmental lobby. Everything was done with the intention of enriching his liberal buddies in the green market.

However, it would appear that he is rewarding more than just green enterprises controlled by Democrats. The DHS has been directed by President Biden to provide the U.S. The purchase of solar panels will cost the Virgin Islands $5 billion. The Republicans in the House of Representatives are now demanding answers because they are concerned that this money would end up in Communist China.

Does someone smell a rat?

The likelihood that these tax money are being sent to China is even more concerning than that. According to Republican MPs, the industry of solar panels is dominated by Communist China. If the United States wishes to purchase solar panels in the amount of $5 billion, it is inconceivable that the majority of those panels will not originate in China.

Which means that money collected in taxes in the United States is being sent to China. A rule that prohibits doing business with Chinese enterprises that make use of slave labor was only recently passed by the government. This law covers solar panel manufacturers specifically.

There is evidence that points to China employing Uyghur people in the production of these solar panels. This indicates that Biden may be in violation of federal law in his efforts to make the United States Virgin Islands "go green."

This is a more serious problem than you may realize. The opposition to China's treatment of the Uyghur population was a major point of emphasis for both Biden and the Democrats. They were in favor of the legislation that made it illegal to do business with the aforementioned corporations.

Is the Department of Homeland Security doing what it can to verify that solar panels are not being manufactured by slave labor?

We have our doubts about it given how incompetent and pitiful this administration is. But it's quite unlikely that we'll get a straightforward response to this question so long as Democrats continue to have the majority in Congress.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insiders.

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