GOP Pushes SAVE Act to End Non-Citizen Voting Amid Democrat Resistance

It looks like the Democrats are up to their old tricks again, refusing to enforce federal laws that make it illegal for non-citizens to vote in federal elections. Former President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are raising the alarm bells. They claim this tactic is just the latest in the Democrats' growing arsenal of shady maneuvers to rig elections. According to a New York Post report and amplified by Trump's post on Truth Social, illegal immigrants are getting welfare benefits, driver's licenses, and voter registration forms handed to them like candy.

In most states, these little acts of generosity come with a side of automatic voter registration. Imagine that: get a driver's license, and voilà, you're registered to vote, no questions asked. It's almost as if Democrats are rolling out the welcome mat while simultaneously erasing the line between citizen and non-citizen when it comes to voting. Washington, D.C. even joined the parade, letting illegal immigrants vote in local elections. It's as if that won't spill over into federal polls, right?

Fortunately, Republicans aren't taking this lying down. The House Administration Committee approved the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, which would demand proof of citizenship when registering to vote in a federal election. Common sense? Unlike the Democratic playbook, which seems to push for voting rights for anyone with a pulse, the SAVE Act insists that only American citizens should have a say in American elections. Radical, huh?

Rep. Chip Roy from Texas put it bluntly, arguing that the Democrats' open border policies and attacks on election integrity laws are the equivalent of giving criminals a handbook on how to cheat the system. The Republican position is crystal clear: illegal immigrants should not have the power to influence American elections. House Speaker Mike Johnson echoed this sentiment, saying it's up to Congress to secure the voter registration process now that Biden has essentially opened the floodgates at the border.

Meanwhile, Democrats are predictably putting their fingers in their ears and pretending there's no issue here. They might argue that illegal voter registration never happens, but tell that to Ohio, where a little peek into the voter rolls revealed 137 non-citizens registered to vote. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The SAVE Act aims to address this once and for all, giving Americans the confidence that their elections are conducted fairly and securely. So, who in their right mind would oppose that? Well, the Democrats do because nothing stands in the way of their vision for a fundamentally transformed America.

Written by Staff Reports

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