GOP Rallies in Milwaukee, Puts Trump Doctrine Front and Center

It looks like the reds, whites, and blues are back in business as organizers of the upcoming Republican National Convention prepare to take over Milwaukee from July 15-18. Anything that smelled like anti-Trump sentiment has evaporated faster than liberal tears on Election Night. Each day of the convention is dedicated to reaffirming former President Donald Trump’s core principles, putting “Make America Great Again” back at the center of the national stage.

The GOP has laid out a robust four-day schedule. Monday rolls out with “Make America Wealthy Once Again,” because who doesn’t love a strong economy? Day 2 is all about “Make America Safe Once Again,” a euphemism for those who prefer borders as stern as those in secure homes. On Day 3, they’ll “Make America Strong Once Again,” focusing on reinforcing the military might liberals love to undermine. The grand finale? “Make America Great Again,” naturally. 


Included in the playbook are 20 official commitments, all bound to make any freedom-loving American smile. Sealing the U.S. borders, executing the largest deportation mission in history, ending inflation, and preventing World War III—yes, you read that right. Need more? How about stopping men from bulldozing into women’s sports and uniting the country under common-sense policies? This is the GOP to the rescue.

Amidst all the preparations, former President Trump’s legal escapades get their own star treatment in a new book. New York Times reporter Jonah Bromwich struck gold selling the world rights to his tell-all about Trump’s New York trial. The book allegedly promises to detail juicy behind-the-scenes moments involving Trump’s media fame, legal dramas, and other larger-than-life characters. The drama hits bookshelves in 2025.

Meanwhile, the Heritage Foundation isn’t sitting idly by. They’re set to spill the beans on election integrity issues with their 2024 Transition Integrity Project on Thursday. The initiative aims to keep a wary eye on any shenanigans the Left might pull during the upcoming election. They’ll discuss everything from weaponized government tactics, media disinformation, and lawfare that could derail state-level election protocols.

China’s pandemic response—or lack thereof—takes center stage in another report from the Heritage Foundation. Their commission on China and COVID-19 says Beijing’s negligence cost the U.S. at least $18 trillion and caused over 1 million American deaths. The report suggests legal and legislative measures to hold China accountable for its cover-up antics rather than focusing exclusively on the virus’s origins.

In Virginia, Rep. Jennifer Ann Kiggans is seeking reelection with a feathered supporter—her family parakeet, Barbie. Barbie has been humorously named “Tweet Executive Officer for Kiggans for Congress” and apparently has a lot to say about Joe Biden’s economy. From calling Biden’s policies a “bird-en” to asking for campaign donations, the Kiggans camp clearly understands the value of good, ol’ American humor.

Shifting to the numbers, a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll shows that 63% of registered U.S. voters believe Trump has a vision for the country, 60% trust he can get things done, and 52% think he has the right experience to be President. While only 33% consider him “honest and trustworthy,” the numbers suggest that Trump’s foundational appeal remains strong among his base.

It’s full steam ahead for the Republican Party, unapologetically embracing Trump’s era-defining policies and gearing up for an action-packed season. The grand aim is simple: Make America’s future even greater than its past.

Written by Staff Reports

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