Green New Scam Unveiled: Eco Exposed as Anti-White Propaganda Show!

The Green New Scam, as conservatives refer to it, has once again been exposed for its fraudulent ways. The global warming crew, as they like to call themselves, has been pushing their agenda for years, trying to convince the public that the earth is in dire straits due to human activity. But any true conservation efforts are casually swept aside in favor of preaching about population control, seizing the means of production, and promoting hatred towards white people. It’s all quite the spectacle, to say the least.

One such example of the lunacy within the green movement is Ayisha Siddiqa, a Pakistani American who seems to have a knack for blaming natural disasters on, you guessed it, white people. It’s unclear how this contributes to any coherent discussion on the environment, but it seems that making everything about race is the latest tactic in the never-ending propaganda war.

And who could forget Judith Curry, the researcher from Georgia Tech, who once claimed that extreme weather phenomena were directly linked to global warming. Her 2005 study suggested a 60 percent increase in hurricanes due to rising temperatures, but it turns out her data was about as reliable as a broken compass. After re-evaluating her work and realizing her conclusions were off-base, Curry found herself at odds with the environmental Left. Her refusal to demonize fossil fuels and her commitment to scientific integrity made her a pariah in their eyes.

In the end, it seems that the Green New Scam is nothing more than a theatrical production, where narratives trump facts and where anyone who dares to question the dogma is quickly cast aside. But fear not, for there are still those who refuse to tow the line and stand up for truth, no matter the cost.

Written by Staff Reports

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